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Was American Youtuber Cyrus Janssen a victim of a Discrediting smear campaign?

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Canada court investigating YouTuber Cyrus Janssen’s “Meng Wan Zhou” Trial video?

According to Bourgeoisie columnist Ian Young from Posh Vancouver, YouTuber and influencer Cyrus Janssen is under investigation for “illicit footage.” the video in question is posted in the above link.

But that isn’t the problem; it’s how Ian Young chose to label Cyrus Janssen a Pro-China Youtuber as if to try and discredit one of the fastest-growing China Youtuber by adding the new scarlet letter “Pro-China”  to his name.

Youtuber Cyrus Janssen has used his YouTube channel to give his perspective about his life in China, which may have been too much for the established media likes of Ian Young.

Ian Young went so far as to give Cyrus Janssen a threatening tweet about a potential defamation suit if he said anything inappropriate about him on YouTube. Borderline bullying?

At a time where Sinophobia is rampant in the west, being called pro china is akin to being called a communist during the red scare.

Update: another clue? is this some gotcha journalism?

It turns out Ian Young may have been the person that got Cyrus Janssen into trouble with the courts, potentially giving himself an exclusive story after.

We don’t know for sure if he was, in fact, the only person that brought it up to authorities, But folks online have pretty much made up their minds. After he admitted to sending the video to the authorities.

Ian Young: There’s no need to speculate. I did indeed send the video to the court

Manufacturing BREAKING News?

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