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Pokimane shows pornhub Video on stream



Today Pokimane showed a clip from pornhub during a live stream. Just a few days ago she said on twitter she was getting ready to film a Q&A to celebrate 5 mil subs.

This fail comes just after she was bashing a Youtuber that called her out for taking advantage of Simps mental health.

Reddit user culegflori has taken full responsibility.

Yeah man, I did it and she deserved it. I’ve spent the better part of my last 4 years helping her channel by keeping out toxic incels who she would never want to have anything to do with anyway and she never accepted my friend request on her private Instagram page. After all we’ve been through together, this is beyond hurtful and I hope Twitch bans the hell out of her ass so she could feel an ounce of the pain I’m going through right now.

I’ll still watch her when she comes back, of course, and my Tier 3 sub still has 30 months until it runs out and I don’t see why I’d hassle with cancelling it.

From Reddit User kristpy

Lol apparently her mods were using a Google doc for the video requests and someone got the link and edited in the porn link and the doc was set to anyone who has the link can edit.

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