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The Fall of Fedmyster


Federico M. Gayton (born: August 7, 1995 [age 24]), better known online as Fedmyster, is a Mexican American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who mainly makes IRL content. He is a former member of Offline TV and was featured in many of their videos.

“We tried many, many compromises and it is so unfortunate it had to come to this,” said Pokimane.
Pokimane had announced on June 19 that she was moving out to live with a group of women. On Sunday she clarified that one of the reasons she was moving out was because of Fed.

One night the girls were hanging out together, and when the topic of Fed came up, we realized we all had our stories about him. Whether it was him lying about certain situations to be in his favor, or lying to us about girls leading him on when he was the one who got rejected or manipulating us to have certain ideas of people/situations. Poki especially suffered a lot from this, and I’ll let her explain if she chooses to do so.

In this video, Friends of Fedmyster get him drunk.

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