Is Amazon Poised to Rake in Billions From Twitch?

Twitch is the leading esports streaming platform, and it looks to grow revenue at a robust pace over the next decade. so said the fools at @

Why do the folks at fool think twitch have such an opportunity for growth for the next decade?

With millions of unique monthly streamers, Twitch is one of the top-rated websites in the world. According to data from, it’s ranked 36 in terms of global internet engagement.

Twitch leads the esports streaming market by a huge margin. A report from StreamElements, a platform that offers streamers various tools and services, puts Twitch’s market share at 61% as of Dec. 2019. The other top players in this space, including YouTube Gaming, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Gaming, and Microsoft Mixer, have shares of 28%, 9%, and 3%, respectively.

Even with Facebook and youtubeΒ gaining ground in the online gaming and IRL streaming world, of which have both resorted to poaching top gamers from twitch, they have yet to reach the scale of Amazon’s Twitch. so it’s easy to see twitch continuing to expand, endless it stumbles with its community, it will continue to grow at an expositional rate.