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Video Games are a Hot Commodity during Quarantine and Isolation


Americans are playing and watching streams at record levels as the Coronavirus Quarantine and Isolation keeps people indoors.

Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease.

  • Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick.
  • Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.

But How Are Americans Coping with the nationwide Quarantine? Many are turning to online games and streaming services at a record pace.

  • Steam, the most popular digital PC gaming marketplace, reached new heights Sunday, drawing a record 20,313,451 concurrent users to the 16-year-old service, according to third-party database SteamDB.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, released by Steam-owner Valve in 2012, seems to be the top beneficiary of the increased engagement, breaking it’s all-time peak on Sunday with 1,023,2290 concurrent players, topping its previous peak last month by a million, which itself beat the record set in April 2016. @ forbes.com

But is this all surprising? All we need to do is look and China and see how China was coping during the lockdown. Streaming services were up, in fact many companies stepped up and offered free services so folks can weather through this. Many folks used online services for everything from ordering food to doing yoga via webcam. Expect Amazon to make mass amount of money because of this, as they also own Twitch.tv America’s top video game streaming website.


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